Monday, June 10, 2013

DVD Review: Kick ABS Pilates Outside the Box

From the teaching training program Pilates Core Integration series comes the latest addition, Kick ABS Pilates DVD "Outside the Box".  All you need is a box, mat and small hand weights to benefit from this 38 minute program.  Created and written by Virginia Nicholas, owner and operator of the Moving Breath Pilates studio in Tempe, Arizona.

The workout starts with a dynamic, functional warm up than transitions into modified advanced Reformer exercises and new approaches to matwork.  Some personal favorite segments of mine include Swimming into Pulling Straps (wonderful cues and rhythm use here) and the Arm Series from  traditional Reformer with Serve the Brownies (Scoops) in a Teaser prep position.  It concludes with a gentle cool down and Eve's Lunge variations.

This DVD is great for creative at home add ins or for the Pilates instructor looking to progress clients to more intermediate Reformer exercises.  A worthy addition to any exercise library.

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