Thursday, August 8, 2013

Break It Down: Pelvic Press

Cool down the body from your intense Reformer session and help tone up your bottom half with the Pelvic Press.

Purpose- Opens up hips, strengthens back and thighs

Preps- Coccyx curls, Bridges, Footwork , Breathing on the Cadillac 

Form- lift hips up several inches so they hover at point where you feel your glutes/hamstrings the most, press shoulder/hands into carriage, feet wide on footbar, straighten legs, pelvis stays low and level

*May not be appropriate for those with low back problems where spinal extension is not well tolerated (disc injuries or stenosis).

Modifications- feet in V position for more support, don't straight legs fully, only bridge and no pressing out, Magic circle/ball in thighs as place holder for more stability

How to Advance- remove springs for less resistance, single leg version, change rhythm of the movement (faster/slower)

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