Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stability Ball Strength Circuit

Have increased balance and more core control by using this stability ball workout.  This series will challenge your full body and pairs well as a mix up day to the Medicine Ball Workout since there are similar movement patterns involved.    

Begin each workout with a proper warm up and cool down such as one with a foam roller (see articles on Stretch It Out, Self Myofascial Release 101 and Restoring Foam Roller Workout).  

Perform each circuit for time such as 1 minute each or perform 8-15 reps of each exercise.  Pick one of the groups for a quick 15 minute workout, or complete all 3 groups 1-3x each for a full hour session.

  1. Squat with overhead press (holding ball)
  2. Forearm plank on ball, Add in straight leg lifts
  3. Single and Double leg stretch (ball in hands or ankles)
  4. Bridges and Hamstring Curls (shown below)

  1. Kneeling side leg series (lean into ball; shown above)
  2. Legs on ball Planks and Knee unders
  3. Roll Ups and Teasers (ball in hands or ankles)
  4. Seat/heel lifts while lying on belly, Ball squeezes (ball in ankles)
  1. Single Leg lunge with twists (ball in hands)
  2. Push ups and Pike Ups
  3. Scissors and Seated Twists (ball in hands)
  4. High Bridges (feet on ball)

Want to increase your heart rate and add in a challenge?  Add in cardio bursts such as mountain climbers with forearms on ball, jumping jacks, high knees, grapevines, burpees, jump rope or sprints.

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