Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Break It Down: Teaser

The dreaded Teaser.  Fear not!  The stronger you get the easier this exercise will become.  Start by doing it on the Cadillac/Tower, in an arc Barrel or on the Mat, and before you know it you'll master it on the Reformer.  This is a common exercise and much like the Hundred there are several variations to progress.  Let's break down this challenging exercise:

Purpose- works balance and core strength, timing is essential

Preps- Roll Up, Rolling (add one leg extension), Open Leg Rocker, Ab series

Form- scooped abs, lift out of shoulders, turn out from the hips to not grip in the quads, gaze at big toes

*Avoid if: you have low back problems that effect spine flexion such as osteopenia/osteoporosis, fusions, or disc injuries

Modifications- instructor holds clients ankles, bent knee w/single leg extension, shelf position to start, transition from Rolling to Teaser, add hand weights, walk up thighs to assist

How to Advance- fold up version or classical

Challenges- add arm circles (Mat/Reformer), add twisting w/upper body, add prop (Circle/ball in hands/feet, maple pole/band in hands), bend/press combo (Cadillac/Tower)

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