Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Posture 101: Stand Tall, Be Confident!

"Stand up straight, pull your gut in, and push your shoulders back!"  Sound familiar?  Mom was right in correcting you all those years.  Posture is an important part of life that Pilates can help you achieve.  Our society is not a world where good posture is enforced.  Many of us work at a desk where we slouch in front of the computer, pivot to reach for the phone, and carry heavy loads on the same side year after year.  These habits show in your body's natural standing posture.

How do I correct this?  Well, first let's identify what ideal posture looks and feels like!  Take a look at the picture below:

Notice how for good posture the ankles are stacked in line with the knees, in line with the hips, in line with the shoulders, in line with the ears.  This allows the chest to be open and the head to balance on the spine.  The abs are active and scooped inward to the back.  There is equal weight on your big toe, little toe, and heel while you balance.

This new found length in the spine helps relieve pressure on your discs.  You body can now work more efficiently.

Benefits of Good Posture:
  • Pain relief (neck, back, hips, feet)
  • Increased range of motion
  • Improves muscle function (burn more calories per day)
  • Improves circulation through body
  • You appear thinner (loose 10lbs in 5secs)
  • Look more confident
So try it today.  Remember: ankles + knees + hips + shoulders + ears

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