Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Break It Down: Swimming

Swimming out of the water requires a little bit more coordination.  Strengthen your whole back side by doing the Pilates version of this fun classic (usually done in contrast to the Teaser).

Purpose- strengthen back muscles/legs/bottom, works coordination, extension

Preps- Pregnant Cat, Swan, Heel Beats, Double Leg Kick, Superman, X Lifts, Acquaman

Form- don't rock pelvis from side to side, lengthen neck, arms/legs parallel and reach in opposition, lift navel to spine

*Not appropriate for: low back problems with extension (spondyloisthesis, stenosis, disc injuries); if shoulder injuries are a problem only move legs

Modifications- pillow under hips, legs kick only, start on Cadillac for preps, tabletop arm/leg extensions, shorten time hovering

How to Advance- Reformer on box, wrists stay above foam roll

Challenges- extend time hovering, increase tempo, transition right into Aquaman without a break

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