Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pilates for Golfers

Professional such as Rich Been, Annika Sorestam, Tiger Woods and Rocco Mediate have switched to doing more Pilates to win the PGA Championship and preserve their backs.  It's time for you to see how Pilates can improve your game...

Performance Benefits:

  • Attain an optimal backswing and follow-through 
  • Increased range of motion in shoulders
  • More distance/power because 
  • Greater hip/torso flexibility
  • Smoother and more controlled swing 
  • Maximize balance and alignment while rotating
  • Decrease fatigue and more stability
  • Play without pain!

The biggest concept for those who golf is being able to separate their hips from their shoulders moving.  This will improve rotation and power of their swing.  As an instructor it is important to open up your clients chest muscles, increases flexibility in the rotator cuff, lots of trunk twisting, core stability and strength in the upper back.  Flexibility will improve over time, however make sure they understand neutral alignment in their golf stance.  This will be key to make or break their swing.

Suggested Exercises for Golfers:
  • Twist/Saw
  • Ab Series/100s
  • Short Box Series (on Reformer)
  • Tick-Tock (obliques)
  • Chest Expansion
  • Bridging
  • Swimming 
  • Planks + knee taps
  • Pulling Straps (extension work)
Click here for more golf specific exercises.

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