Thursday, September 8, 2011

TRX Basics

What is the TRX?  Let's break down the basics of TRX:

What is it?  A form of Suspension Training that uses your own body weight as resistance.  It allows you to adjust the intensity during each exercise incorporating strength, balance and flexibility.

Who made it?  U.S. Navy SEALS, founder Randy Hetrick

Who should use it?  Everyone!  It can assist with squats/lunges or challenge an elite athlete at a one legged push up.  Other elements such as golf swing rotation, Pilates ab series, or yoga stretches can also be performed using the TRX.  You can workout at your own pace during a group class and is great for rehab clients.

Some famous names who use the TRX: Mary J. Blige, Drew Brees (NFL), Bob Harper (Biggest Loser), Jennifer Lopez

What are some advantages?  This type of workout is one you can take with you (hence the company name of Fitness Anywhere).  The TRX itself weights less than 2lbs which makes it portable and can be setup in seconds (to an overhead beam, door frame, tree, ect).  The best part is that its a full body workout no matter which one of the 100s of exercises you do!  

You can also include other pieces of fitness such as standing on a Bosu while doing upper body work with the TRX or holding onto a weighted ball while performing single leg lunges.  This makes it highly functional and great for Bootcamp sessions.

In addition the company has recently come out with the TRX Rip Trainer meant for those who wish to specialize more in power and rotation movements.

Ready to check it out?  Watch this video to see the TRX in action!

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