Friday, September 23, 2011

Barefoot Running

After completing my second half marathon (in 20 minutes less than my first one 12 weeks ago) I am proud.  Proud to have completed all my training and finished strong with my parents standing by to witness my hard work.  My dad even came to help coach me through my last mile which meant a lot to me (he had previously done a 5K earlier and ran his best time).  I'll admit, I started at an 11 minute mile pace and ended at about a 13 minute mile pace.  It is to be expected when running distance races.  As part of my training I purchased New Balance minimus shoes to wear at work to help strengthen my ankles when I wasn't training.  I love them because they actually look and feel like shoes compared to those "webbed" versions out there.

Today, barefoot running is all the craze.  If you don't have the shoes no need to worry.  Here are some exercises to make your feet and calves strong enough to make it through that last mile:
  • Squat Jumps (can add in weights for more resistance)
  • Single Leg TRX Squats/Lunges
  • Balance 
    • Yoga poses, Bosu, Walk/Run on grass/sand
  • Dynamic walking:
    • Toes only, Heels only, Skipping, Side shuffling
  • Calf raises: lift on your toes and lower back to the heels
    • Parallel, Heels together toes apart, Big toes together heels apart 
    • Add pulses while keeping your heels raised

I'm helping host another C25K workshop at Core Sport this year to prep you for theWicked Halloween Run in Plymouth, MI (costume contest included!).  Join us by registering today to learn more tricks to make your next run the fastest yet!

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  1. Exercising barefoot is healthier. Your New Balance aren't as close to barefoot as you can be. Check out our super uber thin flexible sole with a crushable washable upper that's great for Pilates and yoga. We call it G2