Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Break It Down: Elephant

Part of the long stretch series on the reformer is an exercise called the Elephant.  This one can be challenging since the client is unable to see most of the work going on.  They need to rely on using body awareness to feel their abs scooping to pull their feet back under them.  
Purpose- stability of shoulders, movement from waist, stretch hamstrings

Preps- Hamstring Stretch on Chair, Knee Series, Reverse Elephant, knee bends to stretch

Form- Straight arms/legs, chest is open to keep the shoulders wide, tail tucked under the heels, toes lifted, round/flat back 

*May not be appropriate for those with certain shoulder problems or balance issues

Modifications- move feet closer to bar if hamstring are tight, Pilates V stance, low/high bar

How to Advance- Single leg Elephant, walk feet all the way to shoulder rests

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