Thursday, April 7, 2011

Workout Playlist

Music can enhance any experience.  Make sure you pick soothing and inspiring songs to add to your personal workout or class playlist.  Here are some tune suggestions to help spice up your Pilates music selection:
  • Ambient Artists:
  1. Yanni "Almost a Whisper"
  2. Enigma "Once in a Lifetime"
  3. Cafe Del Mare "Morning Mood"
  4. David Gray "This Years Love"
  5. Erotic Lounge 
  6. Ray LaMontagne "Let It Be"
  • Classical Artists: 
  1. Beethoven "Symphony #9"
  2. Chopin "Piano Nocturne in Ebm"
  3. George Frideric Handel "Water Music"
  4. Mozart
  5. Vivaldi "Autumn"
  6. Bach 
  • Current Artists:
  1.  Bobby McFerrin
  2. Colbie Caillat
  3. Dido "Thank You"
  4. Enya
  5. Jack Johnson "Lullaby"
  6. Michael Buble "Home"
  7. Norah Jones "The Nearness of You"
  8. Rockapella
  9. Sarah McLachlan
  10. Seal "Amazing"

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  1. Nice Post! Creating Workout Playlist is such a great idea. You feel like you’re running on the moon when this kind of playlist comes on. Thanks For sharing