Saturday, April 16, 2011

Shoulder Injuries

Recently I attended a Shoulder Workshop taught by Brett Howard who is part of the United States Pilates Association.  It was a seminar full of hands on learning and class planning for case study clients with shoulder injuries.  

Injuries are common with clients, especially when they involve muscles of the rotator cuff.  The four muscles shown below (SITS) help to stabilize, rotate, and abduct the shoulder girdle.  

Here are some examples of what potential injuries may occur and how to help modify and heal:

Shoulder Subluxation & Dislocation 

  • Light weight bearing only, lots of stability work 
  • Ex: Kneeling/Planks holding, Long Stretch prep (shift front/back), Chair One-Arm Push Up, Single Leg Kick, Lat Pulls (single or both)

Frozen Shoulder

  • Avoid weight, increase mobility (work through frozen spot), lots of stretching for upper back muscles
  • Ex: Shoulder Circles, Spider on wall (walk hand up wall), Arc Barrel exercises to open up chest

Acromioclavicular Joint Separation

  • Light strengthening, stability/mobility around joint
  • Challenging to Abduct/Adduct
  • Ex: Neck Roll

Rotator cuff (tear or impingement)

  • Avoid weight, focus on core strength
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