Friday, April 1, 2011

Break It Down: Side Sit Up

Get rid of those love handles Pilates style with the Side Sit Up.  Nothing screams obliques and stability more than this exercise.  It can be preformed on the Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector or Reformer.  It may look like a simple movement, but correct alignment is the key.  Do this one as part of your weekly routine and notice how those inches melt off! 

Purpose- strengthen obliques, promote stability in pelvis, lateral flexion of spine

Preps- Banana, Pregnant Cat, Reach, Side Lift, Planks

*May not be appropriate for those with issues such as disc injury.

Form- move within the same plane as if there was a window you could break in front/back of your body, elongate through the entire spine leading with the crown of the head, stabilize pelvis, ground with heel

Modifications- use bottom hand to guide you over, hands on forehead, shorten range of motion, have instructor keep your hips stacked

How to Advance- keep arms straight and tight by ears, hold ball/magic circle in palms, increase range of motion

Challenges- add in a twist down/up at the halfway down point, move slow without momentum

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